When it comes to biodiesel turbine fuel and kerosene, there have been many searches on the net for this and it seems clear that many people have a question and they keep searching for the answer. The most common question is “Is it possible to make a biodiesel and kerosene blend or replace the kerosene entirely?”.

When you think about diesel aircraft engines, this fuel performs quite well. The reason for this is because it is incredibly similar to diesel and so the aircraft is not able to notice the difference. However, because diesel fuel has a high stability rate, it is not used in the larger aircrafts such as 747s. Therefore it is highly unlikely that they will use biodiesel as a source of fuel any time soon for commercial flights. On the other hand, if you do have your own personal jet, it’s worth looking into and inquiring about.

Kerosene as a fuel source is lighter than diesel but heavier than gasoline. It appears to be possible that a biodiesel element could be introduced to a kerosene mix. In the not too distant future it may be that airlines could charge a little extra than usual for flights that used this in their fuel blend hoping to attract passengers that would like to be friendly to the environment.

Even though bio fuel in aircrafts would reduce the amounts of harmful CO2 emissions, this would also mean that some of our agricultural resources would have to be dedicated strictly to air travel and would unfortunately be putting an increased strain on our natural resources. With that being said, although there are a few negatives there are definitely a lot of positives especially when it comes to being friendly to the environment for the use of biodiesel in the turbine fuel kerosene.

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